Sophie Traynor

Product Photography Workshop

© Sophie Traynor

Sophie Traynor is a freelance commercial photographer. Based in Liverpool, and travels everywhere for work, from Salford to Santorini. Sophie has worked on ads for a diverse spectrum of companies and has photographed almost everything one can think of. While working in the fashion, cosmetics, and culinary sectors. So, everything from mojitos to mascara, toasties to t-shirts Sophie will have you covered.

I had the honour of doing a workshop with Sophie through my university experience, where weekly workshops were offered to assist students develop a variety of techniques and approaches for producing high-quality images for the creative business.

Here is a run through of the workshop:

Start off with one light, half the power


  • Start off with one light - half the power, and then gradually build up if needed.

  • Use a tripod for shooting product

  • Use Capture - a lot more subtle and industry standard software

Camera Settings:

  • F11-F18

  • 1/124

  • ISO 100

  • 100m macro lens

Tripod flat leg, hiigh angle camera for overhead shot

Moved light away to take away harsh white light

Turns up f. to add more life and colour to image and also crops image as she shoots

 Turn light lower and closer to product to extending the shadow out a little bit

Sometimes Sophie will add a white reflector to add highlights or black to take away

Can add black reflector to add shadow to background

Comparison of white and black reflector