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In the last three years studying BA Photography I've discovered how much I appreciate studying and applying these methods and skills I have obtained in everyday life. Sharing my skills and knowledge to benefit people around me and motivate them to achieving work to the best of their ability.

Shooting with people, making new friends, and experiencing the support and help I have received from university has increased my passion into helping people so much more. I enjoy helping and making others feel confident in what they want to achieve in life. The journey of helping other gives not only yourself but the other party a sense of new perspectives and boosts self-esteem. Evidence suggests that assisting others can improve our own mental health and well-being. Facing struggles with mental health myself, I really want to make a difference to anyone I can, giving them a sense of hope and joy.

Therefore, I have looked into pursuing Teacher Training, as I believe giving your time and generosity to the life of a young student can boost their confidence and help them grow and become amazing people from a young age. Not only teaching them the curriculum and improving their educational skills, but also improving their character. By being a role model, teaching them principles and values, providing opportunities to practice, practising self-discipline and so much more.

Photography is an art and having studied A level Fine Art and Textiles in college, it made me realise how therapeutic and calming art is. Art is a naturally pleasurable activity that can be a valuable tool in therapy. It allows you to express your internal ideas while also assisting you in better understanding and making sense of your emotions and mental health.