Print Bureau

Throughout my final year, I got the chance of becoming familiar with the print bureau and gaining experience with the different methods of printing and paper type they had to offer.

During the start of final year, we had a workshop to design and print a photobook, giving us a chance to experiment with paper type and the functions each printer had. I created my photobook using the lumi silk paper 150gsm, using the digital press printer. Lumi silk was the recommended paper stock by my tutor, as it has a beautiful finish – a semi-glossy, semi-matter with a slight sheen.

Creating this photobook allowed me to understand the importance of sequence and displaying images on a spread of pages, followed by a theme, and title to tie everything together. This exp

erience allowed me to understand the importance of printing my photographs, and to get the experience of seeing them visually to touch in front of you. Printing photographs can boost your potential value as a photographer. Offering a well completed printed piece demonstrates that you value your photography and put consideration towards how you showcase your photographs to your clients. This also allows you as the photographer to view your images in a physical form, not only digital.

Exhibition Prints

After discussing what facilities to use, in order to produce a print of high and professional quality, I experimented between the digital press and inkjet. Between the two there is a significant difference! The digital press uses 4 colours, and the inkjet printer uses 14 c

olours. The distinction between the prints was obvious. The inkjet looked more like the pictures seen on screen, very bright, bold, and beautifully represented. In comparison to the digital press, the images came out quite dark and had an orange hue.

This experiment allowed me to establish and move forward with using the inkjet printer for my exhibition prints and physical portfolio, as it really did justice to my photographs. I printed 3 A2 prints, using semi-gloss 260gsm. These prints will be framed with white frames, to brighten the images and not enclose them in the frame using a dark colour.