Research Strategies, Reviewing Literature and Managing Research

Understanding the how to research apply this to your practice allows you to develop a clear understanding and knowledge of your subject/theme. This gives you the ability to describe the classifications of your photographs and project. The use of methodological strategies to obtain photographs through research, as well as concerns of interests in your chosen field are presented.

  1. Identify your research question

  2. Mind map or list keywords and themes

  3. Carry out initial preliminary searches

  4. Identify useful articles to read

  5. Evaluate information – is it relevant?

  6. Add new ideas to mind map or plan based on literature read so far

  7. Refine your searches and dive deeper into the research


  • Be subject specific

  • Keywords are words/phrases used to describe the main concept, ideas, events/issues you are researching

The amount of research on my topic is overwhelming and I don’t know what to include:

  • If you have found lots of literature, remember you can’t include everything you have a word count

  • Focus on your topic, be very subject specific

  • Be selective about what to include. Ask yourself if it is relevant to answering your question

  • Stop searching and start writing

Evaluating information:

  • Taking a critical approach to sources

  • You are expected to engage with and critically evaluate sources

Critical reading:

  • Individual texts: critiquing them, in their own right, on their own terms

  • Synthesis across texts: identifying developments, debates, and school of thought

  • How are your texts relevant to your agenda?