Visiting AC Gallery

Art Gallery in Huddersfield, England

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AC Gallery is an art gallery and picture framers, with over 50 years of framing experience. Located in Huddersfield town centre.

For my exhibition I was initially going to hang my print using wire, so it flows and moves freely as people walk past it. However, after having a discussion with a professional framer, it was said that although that is a great artistic idea for the message I am trying to portray, it is not ideal and the best way to exhibit a print of such high quality and professional standard. As a unique idea that was, I did not want to damage my print.

Speaking to a framer allowed me to consider varies options and ways to exhibit powerful prints. As my photographs are very powerful, the image speaks for itself and represents the message. Therefore, I opted to go for a subtle thing frame that doesn’t take away from the image, rather binds them all together in their own unique way.

It was a great experience seeing the different types of frames available and how a frame compliments a photograph. This experience allowed me to appreciate the importance of framing in photography because it allows you to elicit the desired reaction from the audience when they look at the photo. It might also assist in communicating a certain message through the photograph.