Website Influences


Prior to building my website, I researched into several practitioners’ websites to visually learn about different layouts, aesthetics, hosting, designs, and browsing the site without difficulty. Here are several photographs’ websites that I examined and liked the most before curating my own website: Silvana Trevale, Yumna Al-Arashi, Dylan Brown, Ayesha Malik, Amak Mahmoodian, and Thomas Duffield.

Silvana Trevale

© Silvana Trevale Website

  • Layout and pattern of her website is minimalistic and aesthetically pleasing

  • Structure and information provide a offers clear route for navigation within web pages

  • Prioritises the most important aspects of her website at the home page, showcases her photography, which gives the indication of her practice

  • Design and layout are consistent and simple

Yumna Al-Arashi

© Yumna Al-Arashi Website

  • Clean and minimalistic layout, calming and aesthetically pleasing

  • Simple and clear path for navigation throughout website

  • Minimal text, mostly photographs, which again gives the indication of her practice

  • Photographs accompanied with short and brie text discussing the project

  • Consistency and simplicity throughout website

Dylan Brown

© Dylan Brown Website

  • Design and layout of the website again is very simplistic and pleasing to view

  • Easy navigation and clear view of different sections on website

  • Home page priorities the most important aspect of his website, showcasing his practice

  • Within his website he has a second website called ‘object reflection’ which he created as a hand in for his final major project

Ayesha Malik

© Ayesha Malik Website

  • Minimalistic and clean design/layout

  • Layout of her website acts as a portfolio of her practice; photography

  • Bold typography for her name

  • Easy navigation

Amak Mahmoodian

© Amak Mahmoodian Website

  • Design and layout of her website is unique, especially her homepage, it indicates her roots and how personal it is to her with the use of Arabic writing

  • Typography is kept simple which compliments the clean design of the website

  • Layout is very classy, yet bold and minimalistic

  • Includes videos and text that describes her project

  • Clear navigation throughout website

Thomas Duffield

© Thomas Duffield Website

  • Design and layout of website is simple and minimal, which compliment his photography

  • Contains negative space around images

  • Images are in the centre of page

  • Easy navigation

  • Minimal text