Working With Models


Over the past 3 years at university, I have had the honour to work with many people and gain experience on how to work with models/clients. As I was just starting of my photography career, it was intimidating reaching out to people I did not know personally. To break the ice, I took advantage of family and friends that felt comfortable being in front of a camera. Working alongside people I knew was substantially less intimidating. There aren't many expectations, and you're open to try new things and experiment.

Whether I knew the model or not, it is always important for me at the beginning of a shoot to engage in conversation and make the model feel comfortable and relaxed. I discovered that the models love being updates on their progress by periodically monitoring the camera screen. This engages the model in the process, allowing them to feel more comfortable and get their tips on how they may improve their work. Whiles shooting, I praise the model providing good feedback and motivating them to improve.

As the people I shoot with aren’t necessarily models, they are new to this and inexperienced, therefore I require guidance throughout the shoot. Complimenting the models encourages and uplifts them more, allowing them to feel more relaxed and confident. It is so important to keep it very respectful and create a safe and loving environment for the model to establish refined and effortless photographs.